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Tiffany Renee’ was raised around music all her life by a mother and father that met in a band. They encouraged Tiffany to hone her instrument, and that she did! One of her greatest musical inspirations is her mother. Who she says that if she sounded like her, she’d never shut up. Along with her two sisters, Tiffany grew up singing in church and at events that she and her sisters were invited to perform at. While at Prairie View A&M in 2009, she started recording her own solo music. She was given a track by a classmate and recorded the song “Hey Baby”. She unfortunately lost contact with the producer of the track so in 2018 she re-recorded the song with a new producer, Eddie Scott. Eddie encouraged her to record a whole project – Your Majesty.

I first met Tiffany when she registered for the “The Artist Within Showcase”, which was presented by Cast Out Radio Experience and 1 Collab Event Group. I went and checked out her IG account. (@melodic_majesty). I became a fan immediately. After her performance at the event I knew I had to help share her with the world. I purchased he project – Your Majesty – from Amazon Music but it can be purchased and streamed on all streaming platforms. (See the links below). Soft spoken, she took hold of the mic and introduced herself. The crowd was kind of still talking amongst themselves and that is when she started singing, excuse me SANGIN. Her powerhouse vocals rang through the venue and she immediately commanded the attention of all in attendance. Her stage presence was everything. A true performer. After her performance a few audience members and other performers asked if she was lip synching and I assured them that she was not.


To my great pleasure, Tiffany Renee’ returned to the AWS stage for our second event. When I put an IG story up for the event I found her music listed in the available background tracks. While I was talking with Tiffany for this article this came up in our conversation. She says, “I found out the other day when you go on Instagram to do a story and you go to music, I pop up. I was like OH MY GOD, I’m official!!!”


When asked what the inspiration for the project was, she says life and love. The title track Your Majesty is her introduction song. She originally wanted to start out with the performance name of Melodic Majesty, but there were thousands of bands and performers with Majesty in their name. She decided upon her birth name of Tiffany Renee’ and uses the name as her IG profile. “Hey Baby”, which is one of my favorite songs on the project, was about a guy she used to date. “You give it all” is a fusion of 2 poems that she put to a track her producer gave her. “Be Your Own Hero”, another personal favorite of mine, is an inspirational track to help people see that they can always lift themselves up and take inspiration in their own accomplishments even if no one else does.


Just so you all know, this is not a booty poppin, sex driven project. This is good ol’ R&B that makes your heart smile!!! This is music that can be played next to Mariah Carrey, Jill Scott, Joe and Tank. Go out and get the project by following the links below. I believe in her and her message and skill. Get with your boo and get ready to connect on a soul level.

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