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What’s Our Story?

Why Us?

CAST OUT RADIO EXPERIENCE {C.O.R.E} was established in 2017 in Richmond, TX with the goal of providing music lovers with an alternative to the typical "hits" of our time. At  C.O.R.E , we enjoy creating and offering a broad range of carefully selected programming that makes us the best and most diverse radio station IN THE WORLD.


Are you an artist? Musicians, visual artists, authors and poets are welcomed. I am #JokerDaOutcast owner of CAST OUT RADIO EXPERIENCE and I want to use my platform to help you get your art seen and heard. I want to hear from anyone who is looking for a way to b noticed and want to help you do that. Through our internet based radio station and website we aim to bring exciting new artistic experiences to the world from all over. Life is art and it affects us all in profound ways. Let’s share your art together.

#castoutradioexperience #coreradio #jokerdaoutcast

The Cast Outs.

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